Sugarcane Crop Improvement Program

Variety Development

Good sugarcane variety is a key to successful business for production of white refined sugar because every variety has different sugar accumulation potential. The main threat to sugarcane varieties is outbreak of disease particularly disease of mature stalk like “Red Rot”. In recent past our main variety i.e. SPF-234 was affected by this disease and now our variety i.e. CPF-246 is also damaging due to Red Rot disease. Due to this reason replacement of varieties becomes most important task for our group. In recent past we have introduced two disease resistant varieties i.e. CP77-400 and CPF-253 in our area, to fill the gap.

Disease Management

Most important diseases which have destructive impact on sugarcane varieties are “Red Rot”, “White Leaf” and “Smut” disease. Crushing zones of JDW Group Mills are facing problem of all these diseases. To save our crop from these diseases we are fighting on following frontiers:

(i) Introduction of disease resistant varieties.

(ii) Managing insect vectors responsible for spreading WLD.

(iii) Spray of fungicides for control of disease outbreaks.

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