Before bringing life to a vision we have to see it first. And for that we need people who specialize in seeing the impossible. Here at JDW, we are proud of the visionary men we have who take up the responsibility of creating opportunities for the future, not only for our company but for the whole community we operate in.

We believe, life is about the betterment of the human condition; it’s about social awareness, and random acts of kindness that weave the soul of humanity. Together, we all participate in weaving the social fabric; we should all therefore be patching the fabric when it develops holes. The change has begun, here at JDW, as we have started to unpack the challenges that encounter us, realizing that we each have a role that requires us to change and become more responsible for shaping our community and creating magic under JDW’s vision. A vision in which everyone is benefited, be it our shareholders, the farmers or you.


  • To be the market leader and a world-class organization by meeting and proactively anticipating customer needs.
  • To maximize the wealth of stakeholders by optimizing the long term returns and growth of the business.
  • To be amongst the most efficient and lowest cost producers in the industry.
  • To ensure a safe, harmonious and challenging working environment for the employees.


  • To grow our base business in sugar and build those related activities where there is opportunity to smooth the impact of sugar price cycles.
  • To produce sugar which is of highest international standards.
  • To make investment in sugarcane crop to ensure regular supply of cane and profitability of growers.
  • To offer equal and fair growth opportunities to all employees.
  • To undertake and support community development and welfare projects in order to fulfil social commitments.

Continued Excellence...

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