Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Various insect & pests attack sugarcane crop. They can be divided into two classes (a) sucking pests (b) sugarcane borers. Pests of both classes can damage the crop severely which may lead to low yield and inferior quality cane. JDW group owns a specialized team for managing insect & pests of grower’s crop under the Umbrella of “Cane Development & Farmer Support Program”. Among type (a) pests “Pyrilla Perpusilla” is a major threat which severely damages the crop, if multiplied unchecked and as far as borers are concerned “Stem Borer ” is the most problematic in the area.

For management of insect pests, team of “JDW group” is working at grass root level and educating the growers through cluster meetings, individual contacts, crop visits and printed pamphlets. We used IPM approach i.e. utilizing both biological agents and chemicals for keeping pest population below economic threshold level (ETL). Insects can reduce yield up to 50% and sucrose accumulation upto 35% and even more under extra ordinary attack.

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