Farmer Support Program (FSP) / Livestock Support Project (LSP)

Services to our growers, JDW Sugar Mills Ltd. owns a dedicated Livestock (Dairy and fattening animals) has a major share in economy of rural community residing in our crushing zone. But due to lack of awareness, skill and resources growers are not harnessing full potential of animals either in form of milk or meat. For providing efficient and economical and skilled team of Veterinary Assistants and A. I. Technicians for providing following facilities to our growers at their door step.

1. Artificial Insemination by using high quality semen for breed improvement.

2. Deworming of animals for control of endo and ecto parasites.

3. Vaccination for control of diseases like FMD, HS and ETV etc.

4. All kind of emergency treatment on phone call.

5. Special care of model animals for increasing meat and milk production by use of balanced nutrition.

All medicines are provided to the growers without any profit at purchase price and operational cost is borne by the JDW Sugar Mills Ltd.

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