Farmer Support Program (FSP) / Livestock Support Project (LSP)

Livestock provides cash flow to farmers to meet the day to day expenses of their family and hence play a pivotal role in running their economy. To harness full potential of animals either in form of milk or meat, knowledge pertaining to animal nutrition and health is of utmost importance. To transfer knowledge and skill to Livestock farmers of our area, JDW Group under the umbrella of “Farmer Support Program” providing following facilities to farmers at their door steps..

  • All kind of treatment of sick animals at their door steps.
  • Artificial insemination for both buffalo and cow with local and imported semen as well, for breed improvement.
  • De worming for control of ecto and endo parasites
  • Seasonal vaccination for control of out breaks of FMD, HS and ETV like diseases.
  • Provision of mineral mixtures to tackle the deficiency of mineral elements.
  • All medicines are provided to growers at invoice price and services are free of cost.
  • Dissemination of important information about animals health, nutrition and management through printed pamphlets.

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