Support for Vocational Training

Training in general and skills development in particular not only play a vital role in individual, organizational and overall national economic growth but are integral part of Human Resource Development (HRD). JDW Sugar Mills has supported for the establishment of vocational training Institutes in Jamal Din Wali, Roshan Bhait and Rajan Pur Kalan. By this support, VTI JDW increased the batches under the trade of Dress Making & Embroidery for females. Along with this increase of batches, VTI also added the extra classes specially & inclusively for female under the trade of “Computer Operator/Office Assistant. There is positive and significant correlation between economic growth and vocational education and technical training. With the help of special focus on females the ratio of unemployment of female has decreased, because many of the females are doing jobs in different Organization as Office Assistant by getting the training under Trade of Computer Training/Office Assistant. With this enhancement female students do not need to travel to big cities for vocational training education.

Table: Vocational Training Institute progress as of Nov, 2016.

Training and skills development play vital role in economic development. The demand for vocationally trained and technically educated human resource rises with every step towards industrialization and modernization of production units and work premises. These institutes are currently providing training in trades that include dress making, embroidery, repair and maintenance of electrical home appliances, tractor maintenance, about heavy industrial machineries and computer operation. After completing professional training students will have an opportunity to generate income through self-employment in the market or can get job in an industry easily. Imparting of skill training in market relevant trades would obviously bring much higher rate of return than general education. With the establishment of VTI, training the young girls and boys into professionally equipped and trained craftsmen has brought quantifiable dividends in the lives of these people.

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