Sugarcane Productivity Enhancement Project (SPEP)

This program is a truly multi-stakeholder project comprising of partnership between farming communities, the private sector (JDW Sugar Mills Ltd.) and a non-profit organization (National Rural Support Program).

SPEP has been designed to enhance small farm (less than area of 20 acres) profitability through agriculture & livestock extension services and provision of credit without collateral. The community organizations (COs) receive SPEP support from a professional team consisting of a social organizer, an agricultural extension officer, and a veterinary officer.

The triangle relationship of JDW, NRSP and farming communities demonstrates not only the positive economic change in the lives of poor growers but also many other benefits of addressing social change (awareness and accessibility to government services and other institutions), reducing vulnerability, lack of strength and powerlessness that ultimately leads to eliminate poverty in different levels of income, assets, per capita gross national product in the covering area of SPEP.

With continued support from JDW Sugar Mills, NRSP extended its operation in 58 union councils. The number of active COs grew to 3,919 (2014: 1,772) with a membership of 40,843 (2014: 20,284) farmers.

The main features of the SPEP include:

  • Social mobilization and organization of the rural poor into Cos
  • Provision of agricultural extension services through which agricultural graduates employed by JDW Sugar Mills provide services through direct advice in CO meetings, published literature and farm visits
  • Credit facility from JDW Sugar Mills and NRSP for purchase of seed and other agricultural inputs on guarantee of the CO
  • Small farmers have access to new seeds, pesticides and farm machinery provided by JDW Sugar Mills on credit at subsidized rates.

NRSP has distributed loan of Rs. 1,563.97 million in the year 2015-16 to raise the productivity & income of the farming communities, which is really helping to increase the social and economic life of the rural communities.

JDW provided support to NRSP to recover the amount Rs. 294 million in current season.

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